Search For Fuck You

  1. Sun Duck Kim by ANDRE NICKATINA
  2. Born An O.G. by ACE HOOD
  3. Wrong Ones by BIG PUNISHER
  4. Today's Lesson by AFI
  5. The Gross, Gross Man by BIF NAKED
  6. Every State Line by ANI DIFRANCO
  7. Drop The Ball by ANTHRAX
  8. Mac & Brad by BEANIE SIGEL
  9. Ode To My Car by ADAM SANDLER
  10. Doing It Anyway by APARTMENT 26
  11. The Champion by ADAM SANDLER
  12. Geeving by ABANDON ALL SHIPS
  13. Thoughts Of Suicide by ABK
  14. Mutherfuker by BECK
  15. Don't Disrespect My Mind by BABY BASH
  16. Mama by BIG PUNISHER
  17. Bad Boyfriend by ADAM SANDLER
  18. No Parts Of Us by BENZINO
  19. Whole Wide World by BIZZY BONE
  20. Wet Paint by BIRDMAN
  21. All-4-U by ABK
  22. Run The World (Girls) by BEYONCE KNOWLES
  23. Hated Me by ABK
  24. Fuck 'Em by BANNER, DAVID
  25. Paranoid by AFROMAN

Search For Shit

  1. Turns Me On by BIG BOI
  2. Step In Da Club by BABY BASH
  3. Saw A Gangsta Cry by ANDRE NICKATINA
  4. Hate To Feel by ALICE IN CHAINS
  5. Murder by BAD RELIGION
  6. Tha Streets by BIZZY BONE
  7. Smack That by AKON
  8. Hell's Kitchen by ANDRE NICKATINA
  9. Fall In Love (Your Funeral) by BADU, ERYKAH
  10. Karma by BANKS, LLOYD
  11. Love Of My Life Worldwide by BADU, ERYKAH
  12. Justin by AGAINST ME!
  13. You Already Know by BANKS, LLOYD
  14. Stand Up by BALTIMORE, CHARLI
  15. Still Fly by BIG TYMERS
  16. Fried Day by BIZZY BONE
  17. Still Thuggish Ruggish by BIZZY BONE
  18. Uncensored by BIG PUNISHER
  19. Face Good by ACE HOOD
  20. Throw Them 3's (Boston Niggaz) by BENZINO
  21. Mr. Bake-O by ADAM SANDLER
  22. Beautiful Lie by ASHLEY PARKER ANGEL
  23. One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces by BEN FOLDS FIVE
  24. Brief Description by ATMOSPHERE
  25. Seeing Things by BIZZY BONE

Search For Son of a Bitch

  1. Better Run, Better Hide by BIZZY BONE
  2. Looking Down The Barrel of a Gun by BEASTIE BOYS
  3. Shaggy's 15s by ANDRE NICKATINA
  4. Worse Comes To Worst by BILLY JOEL
  5. 29 by ADAMS, RYAN
  6. Toll Booth Willie by ADAM SANDLER
  7. My Fist Your Face by AEROSMITH

Search For Asshole

  1. You by ATMOSPHERE
  2. Even At Our Worst We're Still Better Than Most (The Roller) by AGAINST ME!
  3. White Noise by ATMOSPHERE
  4. The First Song by BAND OF HORSES
  5. The Cheerleader by ADAM SANDLER
  6. Jewelry by ATMOSPHERE
  7. Zak And Sara by BEN FOLDS
  8. To The Break Of Sean by ATMOSPHERE
  9. Asshole by BECK
  10. All U Can Eat by BEN FOLDS
  11. Mutherfukka by BECK
  12. Justin by AGAINST ME!
  13. Millenium Dodo by ATMOSPHERE
  14. Dungeons And Dragons by ATMOSPHERE
  15. Pricele$$ by BIRDMAN
  16. Suicidegirls by ATMOSPHERE
  17. Brief Description by ATMOSPHERE
  18. The Buffoon And The Dean Of Admissions by ADAM SANDLER
  19. Apple by ATMOSPHERE
  21. Eat Your Dog by BAD RELIGION
  22. Two by ANTLERS, THE
  23. Laughing At You by BIG PUNISHER
  24. Ridin' by BANNER, DAVID
  25. Free Coffee by BEN FOLDS

Search For Dick

  1. #1 by BIG TYMERS
  2. #1 Stunna by BIG TYMERS
  3. '98 Freestyle by BIG L
  4. 2 Fingers by BANNER, DAVID
  5. 3-Minute Rule by BEASTIE BOYS
  6. 7th St. Entry by ATMOSPHERE
  8. 9mm by BANNER, DAVID
  9. A Certain Romance by ARCTIC MONKEYS
  10. Accapella 2 by BIG L
  11. Addicted by AMY WINEHOUSE
  12. Ain't Got Nothing by BANNER, DAVID
  13. Ain't Worried Bout Shit by BIRDMAN
  14. All Black by BIG L
  15. All The Above by BEANIE SIGEL
  16. Alright Guy by ALLAN, GARY
  17. Always Strapped by BIRDMAN
  18. Andre-N-Andre by ANDRE NICKATINA
  19. At A Medium Pace by ADAM SANDLER
  20. B-Boy Bouillabaisse by BEASTIE BOYS
  21. B-Boys Makin' With the Freak Freak by BEASTIE BOYS
  22. Bacc 2 School by AFROMAN
  23. Back To Black by AMY WINEHOUSE
  24. Back Up Plan by BIG BOI
  25. Bandstand Boogie by BARRY MANILOW

Search For Bitch

  1. Get 'Em Up by ACE HOOD
  2. Get Money by ACE HOOD
  3. Cobra Status by ANDRE NICKATINA
  4. Freedom (Interlude) by BANNER, DAVID
  5. Road To Riches by ATMOSPHERE
  6. Gutta by ACE HOOD
  7. Not Afraid by BIZZY BONE
  8. No More by BIRDMAN
  9. Cowboy by BIZZY BONE
  10. Danger Zone by BIG L
  11. Close To The Borderline by BILLY JOEL
  12. Man's World by BEANIE SIGEL
  13. Wonderful (Remix) by ASHANTI
  14. I'm So Paid by AKON
  15. I Don't Deserve You by BANKS, LLOYD
  16. Cash Flow by ACE HOOD
  17. To The Top by BIZZY BONE
  18. Cigarette Smoker Fiona by ARCTIC MONKEYS
  19. Bobblehead by AGUILERA, CHRISTINA
  20. 5th Gear by ANDRE NICKATINA
  21. Shinin' by BIRDMAN
  22. What Ya Life Like by BEANIE SIGEL
  23. Bread And Butter by BEANIE SIGEL
  24. City Of Dreams by BARKER, TRAVIS
  25. Glenwood by BIG SEAN