Search For Black Night

  1. ScatterHeart by BJORK
  2. Chapter Four by AVENGED SEVENFOLD
  3. Black Nights by ATB
  4. Blackbird by BEATLES, THE

Search For Black Sheep

  1. The Times They Are A-Changin' by BEACH BOYS
  2. Barbara Ann by BEACH BOYS
  3. So How Come (No One Loves Me) by BEATLES, THE
  4. Sudden Movements by BILLY TALENT
  5. Breaking The Rules by AC/DC
  6. Odessa by BEE GEES
  7. Rule Breaker by ASHLEE SIMPSON
  8. Sweet Dreams by AMOS, TORI

Search For Black and White

  2. Jump Up by BENZINO
  3. Happy Birthday by BIRTHDAY MASSACRE, THE
  4. On My Way Here by AIKEN, CLAY
  5. Jason's Addiction by A
  6. Did Anyone Approach You by A-HA
  7. Inner Voice by ADAM SANDLER
  8. Bloodied Up by ALKALINE TRIO
  9. I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry by BIG TYMERS
  10. Manhattan Skyline by A-HA
  11. Grey by BARLOW GIRL
  12. Zebra by BEACH HOUSE
  13. The Politics Of Starving by AGAINST ME!
  14. The Shoes You're Wearing by BLACK, CLINT
  15. Somebody by ADAMS, BRYAN
  16. A Book Like This by ANGUS AND JULIA STONE
  17. Girl From Pachacamac by ALPHAVILLE
  18. Colors Of Love by ALL 4 ONE
  19. Twisted Mind by AVANTASIA
  20. Help Is Coming by AYO
  21. Beauty Of Speed by AMOS, TORI
  22. Zanzibar by BILLY JOEL
  23. Transatlantic Foe by AT THE DRIVE-IN
  24. Black And White Unite by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  25. Sweet Release by BILLY SQUIER
Black and White

Search For Black Magic

  1. Jackie's Strength by AMOS, TORI
  2. Datura by AMOS, TORI
  3. Parental Discretion by BIG PUNISHER

Search For Black Coffee

  1. We Fly By Night by ALLAN, GARY
  2. Black Pearl by ADAMS, BRYAN
  3. Black Coffee by ALL SAINTS

Search For Black Market

  1. We Dreamt In Heist by ANBERLIN
  2. Black Market Hell by AIDEN