Search For Blue Eyes

  1. Horror Queen by AIDEN
  2. Until Now by ADEMA
  3. See Jane Run by ADKINS, TRACE
  4. Freedom (Interlude) by BANNER, DAVID
  5. Blue Eyes Of A Millionaire by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  6. You Can't Take The Country Out Of Me by ALABAMA
  7. Recondita Armonia by ANDREA BOCELLI
  9. Simoriah by AEROSMITH
  10. Oh, Oh...Yeah by A-TEENS
  11. The Beginning by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  12. Wandering Soul by ALEX PARKS
  13. Comin' On Strong by ADKINS, TRACE
  14. Keep The Girl by ALDEAN, JASON
  15. Here's To The Man by BARRY MANILOW
  16. Baby Blue by BEACH BOYS
  17. Clear Blue Eyes by AMOS LEE
  18. Tulips Are Better by ATREYU
  19. Touch From Your Lust by BEN HARPER
  20. Cassandra by ABBA
  21. Collapsed by ALY & AJ
  22. Car Crazy Cutie by BEACH BOYS
  23. Calculating Bimbo by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  24. Pearls On A String by ADAMS, RYAN

Search For Out of the Blue

  1. Hanging Up My Travelin' Shoes by ALABAMA
  2. Forever Young (Demo Remix) by ALPHAVILLE
  3. 100% by BEVERLEY KNIGHT
  4. Not Your Average Kind Of Girl by ALEX PARKS
  5. Out Of The Blue by BAND, THE
  6. Every Time I Hear Your Name by ANDERSON, KEITH
  7. Who Loves You by ALANNAH MYLES
  8. Voyager by ALPHAVILLE
  9. I Remember You / Dixie's Dream by BETTE MIDLER
  10. Forever Young (Demo 2) by ALPHAVILLE
  11. Forever Young (Unplugged Version) by ALPHAVILLE
  12. Forever Young by ALPHAVILLE
  13. Sorry by ALLAN, GARY
  14. Forever Young (Factory Mix) by ALPHAVILLE
  15. Heaven On Earth Down Here by BEVERLEY MITCHELL
  16. Never Gonna Happen by ALLEN, LILY
  17. Expectations by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  18. The Voyager (Demo Remix) by ALPHAVILLE
  19. One Of These Days by BARRY MANILOW
  20. In This World by BARRY MANILOW
  21. Glory by ASHCROFT, RICHARD
  22. Out Of The Blue by ALY & AJ
  23. Invitation by BENSON, GEORGE
  24. Forever Young (Live) by ALPHAVILLE
  25. Someone Like You by ADELE

Search For Blue Bird

  1. When The Sun Comes Out by BARBRA STREISAND
  2. Winter Wonderland by BABYFACE
  3. Yellow Brick Road by ANGUS AND JULIA STONE
  4. Guess I'm Doing Fine by BECK
Blue Bird

Search For Feeling Blue

  1. Don't Leave Her Lonely Too Long by ALLAN, GARY
  2. Baby's In Black by BEATLES, THE
  3. Jerusalem (Live) by ALPHAVILLE
  4. What You're Doing by BEATLES, THE
  5. Call Me Daddy by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  6. Ring Ring by ABBA
  7. Jerusalem by ALPHAVILLE
  8. Happy New Year by ABBA
  9. What Would Jay-Z Do? by BEN LEE
  10. Shuchishin by ANDREW W.K.
  11. How Do You Do It by BEATLES, THE
  12. Shadow In Me by ALLEY, CANDICE
  13. Judy And The Dream Of Horses by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  14. The Way U Make Me Feel by BLACK EYED PEAS
  15. Jerusalem (Demo Remix) by ALPHAVILLE
  16. Crazy For Leaving You by A1
  17. Mornington Crescent by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  18. Hey Daddy by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  19. Strange Little Girl by AMOS, TORI
  20. Family Tree by BELLE & SEBASTIAN

Search For Blue Sea

  1. Watch It Die by BAD RELIGION
  2. I Can't Face The Music by BILLIE HOLIDAY
  3. All The Way by BARRY MANILOW
  4. I Got Plenty Of Nothin' by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Rolling Down Sonora Avenue by BEVERLEY MITCHELL
  6. Deep by BINOCULAR
  7. The Other Side by AEROSMITH
  8. Trucks And Trains by ALKALINE TRIO
  9. Good Morning World by BEVERLEY KNIGHT
  10. Heaven Is Falling by BAD RELIGION
  11. For Whom The Bell Tolls by BEE GEES

Search For True Blue

  1. Tell A Country Boy by ATKINS, RODNEY
  2. Love For All Seasons by AGUILERA, CHRISTINA
  3. For The Homies by BIZZY BONE
  4. She's Country by ALDEAN, JASON
  5. It's A Miracle by BARRY MANILOW
  6. Every Heartbeat by AMY GRANT
  7. Greenfields by ALLAN, GARY