Search For Apple

  1. Jump Shout Boogie by BARRY MANILOW
  2. Let Me Know Something?! by BELL BIV DEVOE
  3. My Favorite Things by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Over Here Hustlin' by BIRDMAN
  6. Appletree by BADU, ERYKAH
  7. Laughing At You by BIG PUNISHER
  8. What's The New Mary Jane by BEATLES, THE
  9. Change by BANKS, LLOYD
  10. My Heart Is An Apple by ARCADE FIRE

Search For Oranges

  1. My I.Q. by ANI DIFRANCO
  2. Oranges On Apple Trees by A-HA

Search For Peach

  1. B-Boys Makin' With the Freak Freak by BEASTIE BOYS
  2. Ukulele Lady by BETTE MIDLER
  3. I Don't Like Mondays by AMOS, TORI
  4. Mr. Goldstone by BETTE MIDLER
  5. Face Good by ACE HOOD
  6. Professional Widow by AMOS, TORI
  7. Bob Away My Blues by BLACK, CLINT
  8. Dancin', Shaggin' On The Boulevard by ALABAMA
  9. Matchbox by BEATLES, THE
  10. Precious Things by AMOS, TORI

Search For Grape

  1. The Boss And The Secretary by ADAM SANDLER
  2. Shaggy's 15s by ANDRE NICKATINA
  3. Grape, Grape Joy by AMY GRANT
  4. We Ain't Stoppin' by BIG TYMERS
  5. Hope I Don't Violate by BABY BASH
  6. Millenium Dodo by ATMOSPHERE
  7. Funny Colors In My Mushroom Trails by ATMOSPHERE
  8. Cordurory Blues by ADAM SANDLER
  9. Til The Last Shot's Fired by ADKINS, TRACE
  10. Pastures Of Plenty by ALISON KRAUSS

Search For Banana

  1. Live From The Streets by ANGIE MARTINEZ
  2. Food Innuendo Guy by ADAM SANDLER
  3. Nobody Liver by BENZINO
  4. 3 So What A.M. So What by ANDRE NICKATINA
  5. Over Here Hustlin' by BIRDMAN
  6. Watch Your Bitches by BEANIE SIGEL
  7. Beanie (Mack Bitch) by BEANIE SIGEL
  8. #1 by BIG TYMERS
  9. Cherybananapumpkinpie by ANDRE NICKATINA
  10. Say It by BEASTIE BOYS

Search For Lemon

  1. Andre-N-Andre by ANDRE NICKATINA
  2. Carry Me Home by ATMOSPHERE
  3. Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World by ASELIN DEBISON
  4. Over The Rainbow by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  5. Billy by BAD RELIGION
  6. No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn by BEASTIE BOYS
  7. Food Party by BARENAKED LADIES
  8. What The Hell Happened To Me? by ADAM SANDLER
  9. Trip Hoppin' by AEROSMITH
  10. Funky Donkey by BEASTIE BOYS