Search For Apple

  1. Rap Song by BLACK EYED PEAS
  2. Army by BEN FOLDS FIVE
  3. Gimme by ALICE COOPER
  4. Change by BANKS, LLOYD
  5. Rotten Apple by ALICE IN CHAINS
  6. Jump Shout Boogie by BARRY MANILOW
  7. Grandma's Hands by BARBRA STREISAND
  8. Let Me Know Something?! by BELL BIV DEVOE
  9. When The Time's Right by AKON
  10. Your Neck by ALKALINE TRIO

Search For Oranges

  1. My I.Q. by ANI DIFRANCO
  2. Oranges On Apple Trees by A-HA

Search For Peach

  1. I Don't Like Mondays by AMOS, TORI
  2. Soul Shaker by BIG & RICH
  3. Come On-A My House by BETTE MIDLER
  4. Pearls On A String by ADAMS, RYAN
  5. Nasty Like College Chicks by ANDRE NICKATINA
  6. Super Saucy by BABY BASH
  7. Bob Away My Blues by BLACK, CLINT
  8. Peaches & Cream by BECK
  9. Return Of The Post Moderns by BETTER THAN EZRA

Search For Grape

  1. Crinsk Dee Night by BEATLES, THE
  2. Paid Vacation Time by AT THE DRIVE-IN
  3. Funny Colors In My Mushroom Trails by ATMOSPHERE
  4. Pastures Of Plenty by ALISON KRAUSS
  5. We Don't Care by BIG PUNISHER
  6. Rag Doll by AEROSMITH
  7. Flute Loop by BEASTIE BOYS
  8. Nerves On Ice by BILLY SQUIER
  9. Chattahoochee by ALAN JACKSON
  10. Blown Away by BIZZY BONE

Search For Banana

  1. El Perdedor by AVENTURA
  2. Rhythm Sticks by BLACKALICIOUS
  3. Got To Give It Up by AALIYAH
  5. Cherybananapumpkinpie by ANDRE NICKATINA
  6. Beanie (Mack Bitch) by BEANIE SIGEL
  7. Nobody Liver by BENZINO
  8. All Star Chuck Taylors by ANDRE NICKATINA
  9. Live From The Streets by ANGIE MARTINEZ
  10. Stretch & Bobbito '94 by BIG L

Search For Lemon

  1. Black Spoon by AYO
  2. Pineapple Juice by ANDRE NICKATINA
  3. It's America by ATKINS, RODNEY
  4. I Wish You Love by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Red Chair Fade Away by BEE GEES
  6. What The Hell Happened To Me? by ADAM SANDLER
  7. High Plains Drifter by BEASTIE BOYS
  8. Bubbalicious by BABY BASH
  9. Trip Hoppin' by AEROSMITH
  10. Astronaut by BEACH HOUSE