Search For Grass is Greener

  1. Rule Breaker by ASHLEE SIMPSON
  2. Bitter Lemon by ALISHA'S ATTIC
  3. So Many Ways by AVANT
  4. Vanishing by ADAMS, BRYAN

Search For Green eyes

  1. These R The Tales by ANDRE NICKATINA
  2. Big Green Eyes by ALAN JACKSON
  3. Unsolved Mysteries by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
  4. Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes" by ANDRE NICKATINA
  5. Cheryl Tweedy by ALLEN, LILY
  6. Green Eyes by BARRY MANILOW
  7. Shame by ABS
  8. Life In A Nutshell by BARENAKED LADIES
  9. Texas Was You by ALDEAN, JASON
  10. Eyelash Wishes by ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, THE
  11. I'll Go On Loving You by ALAN JACKSON
  12. Evil Walks by AC/DC
  13. Fireworks by ALABAMA
  14. Carolina Mountain Dewe by ALABAMA

Search For money

  1. Old Mexico by BAD COMPANY
  2. Let The Haters Know by BIZZY BONE
  3. Gone by BEI MAEJOR
  4. Mercury Blues by ALAN JACKSON
  5. Be With You by BANNER, DAVID
  6. Root Down by BEASTIE BOYS
  7. If It Ain't Free by AFROMAN
  8. Gotta Get by BIG BROVAZ
  9. Nigga Couldn't Know by BIG TYMERS
  10. Modern Woman by BILLY JOEL
  11. Rich Kid by BILLY SQUIER
  12. Nobodys Business by BILLY IDOL
  13. We Can Smoke by BIG TYMERS
  14. Cherybananapumpkinpie by ANDRE NICKATINA
  15. Love Done Gone by BILLY CURRINGTON
  16. Andre-N-Andre by ANDRE NICKATINA
  17. Big Cars Big House by ANDRE NICKATINA
  18. Bald Head Horse Man by BIZZY BONE
  19. I Run This by BIRDMAN
  20. Hangman Jury by AEROSMITH
  21. The Jet Set by ALPHAVILLE
  22. Oh My Sweet Carolina by ADAMS, RYAN
  23. Light Up The Spliff by BIZZY BONE
  24. Make The Sun Come Out by ATMOSPHERE
  25. Can't Buy Me Love by BEATLES, THE

Search For Green

  1. Ghetto Child by BENZINO
  2. Falcon And The Snowman by ANDRE NICKATINA
  3. Get It Together by BEASTIE BOYS
  4. Brown Eyed Girl by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  5. Mississippi by BANNER, DAVID
  6. My Colouring Book by AGNETHA FALTSKOG
  7. Mercy Mary by BIZZY BONE
  8. Struck A Nerve by BAD RELIGION
  9. Give It A Name by AT THE DRIVE-IN
  11. Thrillbilly by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  12. Kill It by BANKS, LLOYD
  13. Colour by ALESHA DIXON
  14. Johnny B. Goode by BEATLES, THE
  15. Baby I'm Back by AKON
  16. Emmanuel, God With Us by AMY GRANT
  17. Bottom Of The Barrel by AMOS LEE
  18. Banned From T.V. by BIG PUNISHER
  19. Paragraph President by BLACKALICIOUS
  20. No Time To Kill by BLACK, CLINT
  21. Greenhorn by BLACK CROWES, THE
  22. Wild Horses by BEDINGFIELD, NATASHA
  23. Caribbean Connection by BIG PUNISHER
  24. I Wants Ta Eat by ADINA HOWARD
  25. Kickin' It Old School by AIRBOURNE

Search For slime

  1. Hard Times by BIZZY BONE
  2. Thunder Peel by BECK
  3. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) by BECK
  4. You Were Right by BADLY DRAWN BOY
  5. Beercan by BECK
  6. Diskobox by BECK
  7. Poison Prince by AMY MACDONALD
  8. Back Up Plan by BIG BOI

Search For earth

  1. Retrace by ANBERLIN
  2. Invencibles by ALEXIS Y FIDO
  3. For Our World by BILLY GILMAN
  4. Christmas Lullaby by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Travel (Remix) by ATMOSPHERE
  6. Anywhere On Earth You Are by ALAN JACKSON
  7. Heaven by ALPHA REV
  8. Gemilude by BASEMENT JAXX
  9. Baby by ASHANTI
  10. I Wish That by BIANCA RYAN
  11. How It Should Be (Sha Sha) by BEN KWELLER
  12. In Search Of Love by BARRY MANILOW
  13. Jackson Cannery by BEN FOLDS FIVE
  14. The Blessings by ALABAMA
  15. Open Heavens by BARLOW GIRL
  16. Bulletproof Glow by AVION
  17. Tools by ABK
  18. Soul Survivor (...2012) by ANGELS & AIRWAVES
  19. Don't Censor Me by AUDIO ADRENALINE
  20. Hunting (The Universe Breaks My Heart) by ABANDONED POOLS
  21. Resolution Time by BEASTIE BOYS
  22. Heights Of Great Men by BEENIE MAN
  23. Strong Black Vine by AMOS, TORI
  24. The World Won't Stop Without You by BAD RELIGION
  25. Perhaps Vampires Is A Bit Strong But... by ARCTIC MONKEYS