Search For Grass is Greener

  1. Bitter Lemon by ALISHA'S ATTIC
  2. So Many Ways by AVANT
  3. Rule Breaker by ASHLEE SIMPSON
  4. Vanishing by ADAMS, BRYAN

Search For Green eyes

  1. Cheryl Tweedy by ALLEN, LILY
  2. I'll Go On Loving You by ALAN JACKSON
  3. Big Green Eyes by ALAN JACKSON
  4. Eyelash Wishes by ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, THE
  5. Unsolved Mysteries by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
  6. Texas Was You by ALDEAN, JASON
  7. Green Eyes by BARRY MANILOW
  8. These R The Tales by ANDRE NICKATINA
  9. Shame by ABS
  10. Fireworks by ALABAMA
  11. Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes" by ANDRE NICKATINA
  12. Life In A Nutshell by BARENAKED LADIES
  13. Carolina Mountain Dewe by ALABAMA
  14. Evil Walks by AC/DC

Search For money

  1. Shake Down by AKON
  2. Down And Dirty by BAD COMPANY
  3. Off The Books by BIG PUNISHER
  4. Give Me by ATMOSPHERE
  5. Plug It In by BASEMENT JAXX
  6. Rocky by BIG TYMERS
  7. The Enemy by BIG L
  8. Burn Down The Trailer Park by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  9. Can A Drummer Get Some? by BARKER, TRAVIS
  10. Holla Holla by AKON
  11. 2 Fingers by BANNER, DAVID
  12. Soundcheck Intro by AUDIO PUSH
  13. You Messed Up by AALIYAH
  14. I'm Comin' by BIG TYMERS
  15. Je Ne M'en Souviens Pas by BETTER THAN EZRA
  16. I Need Somebody by BARDOT
  17. Good For My Money by BABY BASH
  18. All I Ask For Anymore by ADKINS, TRACE
  19. If It Ain't Free by AFROMAN
  20. Don't Preach by BELL, DRAKE
  21. Sex, Death And Money by ALICE COOPER
  22. Snake by BIG TYMERS
  23. Play It Again by BIZZY BONE
  24. Bump, Bump, Bump by B2K
  25. Yeah She Does by ATKINS, RODNEY

Search For Green

  1. California Saga: Big Sur by BEACH BOYS
  2. Get Off by BAD RELIGION
  3. I Don't Deserve You by BANKS, LLOYD
  4. Let Me Share The Ride by BLACK CROWES, THE
  5. Stand Up by BALTIMORE, CHARLI
  6. Trucks And Trains by ALKALINE TRIO
  7. And Your Bird Can Sing by BEATLES, THE
  8. Heart Of The Rose by AIR SUPPLY
  9. Overtime by ACE HOOD
  10. More Than by ADAM LAMBERT
  11. Missisippi by AFROMAN
  12. Love Like Ours by BARBRA STREISAND
  13. Topaz by B-52'S, THE
  14. Coulda Been You by ANGIE STONE
  15. Midnight Sun by AFI
  16. I'm The Pied Piper 1 by BEACH BOYS
  17. Addicted by AMY WINEHOUSE
  18. All Or Nothing by ATHENA CAGE
  19. Girls by AFROMAN
  20. Sorry For The Stupid Things by BABYFACE
  21. Key Lime Pie by AFI
  22. Egg Man by BEASTIE BOYS
  23. Greenhorn by BLACK CROWES, THE
  24. Celebrity by BANKS, LLOYD
  25. I Am / Shades Of Life by BILLY GILMAN

Search For slime

  1. Beercan by BECK
  2. Poison Prince by AMY MACDONALD
  3. Thunder Peel by BECK
  4. Diskobox by BECK
  5. You Were Right by BADLY DRAWN BOY
  6. Back Up Plan by BIG BOI
  7. Hard Times by BIZZY BONE
  8. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) by BECK

Search For earth

  1. Travel (Remix) by ATMOSPHERE
  2. Flower Grown Wild by ADAMS, BRYAN
  3. I Am The Law by ANTHRAX
  4. Look To The Rainbow by BARRY MANILOW
  5. Living Eyes by BEE GEES
  6. Bombs On You by ABK
  7. What Will I Leave Behind by ALABAMA
  8. Don't Take Your Love Away by AVANT
  9. She Got It Like That by B5
  10. I'll Go On Loving You by ALAN JACKSON
  11. Flat Earth Society by BAD RELIGION
  12. The Saga Of Pepote Rouge by BAND, THE
  13. Young At Heart by BARRY MANILOW
  14. Flesh by ATMOSPHERE
  15. She's So California by ALLAN, GARY
  16. I Want To Be Ready by BEN HARPER
  17. My Time On Earth by BILLY GILMAN
  18. Summertime by BIG BROVAZ
  19. Like A Rose by A1
  20. Belly Of The Beast by ANTHRAX
  21. Indian Gin And Whiskey Dry by BEE GEES
  22. Fly Over States by ALDEAN, JASON
  23. The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments And Fictions) by ANGELS & AIRWAVES
  24. Lovey, Dovey by BIZZY BONE
  25. This Is The Night by AIKEN, CLAY