Search For Grass is Greener

  1. So Many Ways by AVANT
  2. Rule Breaker by ASHLEE SIMPSON
  3. Vanishing by ADAMS, BRYAN
  4. Bitter Lemon by ALISHA'S ATTIC

Search For Green eyes

  1. Big Green Eyes by ALAN JACKSON
  2. I'll Go On Loving You by ALAN JACKSON
  3. Eyelash Wishes by ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, THE
  4. Shame by ABS
  5. Fireworks by ALABAMA
  6. Evil Walks by AC/DC
  7. Green Eyes by BARRY MANILOW
  8. Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes" by ANDRE NICKATINA
  9. Life In A Nutshell by BARENAKED LADIES
  10. Carolina Mountain Dewe by ALABAMA
  11. These R The Tales by ANDRE NICKATINA
  12. Unsolved Mysteries by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
  13. Texas Was You by ALDEAN, JASON
  14. Cheryl Tweedy by ALLEN, LILY

Search For money

  1. Goodnight, Hollywood Blvd. by ADAMS, RYAN
  2. Sandra by BARRY MANILOW
  3. Bombay Dreams by ARASH
  4. Let Me by ATL
  5. Banned From T.V. by BIG PUNISHER
  6. B-Boys Makin' With the Freak Freak by BEASTIE BOYS
  7. Fayth by AMOS, TORI
  8. Get Your Shine On by BIRDMAN
  9. Bring It On Home To Me by BENSON, GEORGE
  10. Not Afraid by BIZZY BONE
  11. Playboy (Don't Hate Me) (Vol. 2 version) by BIG TYMERS
  12. Nothing But The Girl by ALEXANDRA BURKE
  13. Company Of Strangers by BAD COMPANY
  14. Born To Die by ANTI-FLAG
  15. I'm A Junkie by ANDRE NICKATINA
  16. I Want It All by BIRDMAN
  17. Marry For Money by ADKINS, TRACE
  18. Car Thief by BEASTIE BOYS
  19. Money To Blow by BIRDMAN
  20. Little Man by ALAN JACKSON
  21. 7 Letters Coked Out by ANDRE NICKATINA
  22. Come Again by BEENIE MAN
  23. Gypsy Rose by BEN KWELLER
  24. Everyday by BIF NAKED
  25. Don't Stop by BEANIE SIGEL

Search For Green

  1. Ghetto Child by BENZINO
  2. Eyelash Wishes by ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, THE
  3. On A Highway by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
  4. God Song by BAD RELIGION
  5. Emmanuel, God With Us by AMY GRANT
  6. In These Shoes (Parking Lot Part 1) by ASLYN
  7. Suburban Muse by ABANDONED POOLS
  8. I Can't Go On This Way by BEANIE SIGEL
  9. Dreamland by BETTE MIDLER
  10. Seeing Things by BIZZY BONE
  11. Ch-Check It Out by BEASTIE BOYS
  12. Drop Me In The Middle by BEDINGFIELD, NATASHA
  13. Throwed Off by BABY BASH
  14. Evergreen by ADAMS, RYAN
  15. Blue Christmas by BILLY IDOL
  16. Skylark by BENSON, GEORGE
  17. More Than by ADAM LAMBERT
  18. My People by BADU, ERYKAH
  19. Green Eyes by BADU, ERYKAH
  20. The New Style by BEASTIE BOYS
  21. Road Runner by AEROSMITH
  22. Bottomless by BETTE MIDLER
  23. Karma by BANKS, LLOYD
  24. Our World Our Times by ALANNAH MYLES
  25. All Or Nothing by ATHENA CAGE

Search For slime

  1. Diskobox by BECK
  2. Hard Times by BIZZY BONE
  3. Poison Prince by AMY MACDONALD
  4. Back Up Plan by BIG BOI
  5. You Were Right by BADLY DRAWN BOY
  6. Thunder Peel by BECK
  7. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) by BECK
  8. Beercan by BECK

Search For earth

  1. Angels From The Realms Of Glory by ANNIE LENNOX
  2. Let Me Fly So Long by BINOCULAR
  3. Another Earthquake! by AARON CARTER
  4. Minor Earth / Major Sky by A-HA
  5. Fly Over States by ALDEAN, JASON
  6. No Reason by BEN KWELLER
  7. Baby by ASHANTI
  8. By The Sword by AUTUMN, EMILIE
  9. Black Light by BETTER THAN EZRA
  10. Jesus & The California Kid by AUDIO ADRENALINE
  11. A Mighty Fortress by AMY GRANT
  12. I Can Love You Easy by BAUTISTA, CHRISTIAN
  13. One Breath by ADAM GREGORY
  14. Gemilude by BASEMENT JAXX
  15. Ordinary Day by ACE OF BASE
  16. Blenderhead by BAD RELIGION
  17. Burn One Down by BEN HARPER
  18. The Golden Rule by ALISHA'S ATTIC
  19. So Many Ways by AVANT
  20. Weekend In New England by BARRY MANILOW
  21. Afterlife (Alternate Version) by AVENGED SEVENFOLD
  22. 5-3-10-4 by ALKALINE TRIO
  23. End Of This World by BIZZY BONE
  24. Swagger by ASIA CRUISE
  25. Galaxy Song by BLACK, CLINT