Search For Grass is Greener

  1. Vanishing by ADAMS, BRYAN
  2. Rule Breaker by ASHLEE SIMPSON
  3. So Many Ways by AVANT
  4. Bitter Lemon by ALISHA'S ATTIC

Search For Green eyes

  1. Big Green Eyes by ALAN JACKSON
  2. Shame by ABS
  3. Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes" by ANDRE NICKATINA
  4. Eyelash Wishes by ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, THE
  5. Fireworks by ALABAMA
  6. These R The Tales by ANDRE NICKATINA
  7. Unsolved Mysteries by ANIMAL COLLECTIVE
  8. Cheryl Tweedy by ALLEN, LILY
  9. I'll Go On Loving You by ALAN JACKSON
  10. Life In A Nutshell by BARENAKED LADIES
  11. Evil Walks by AC/DC
  12. Texas Was You by ALDEAN, JASON
  13. Green Eyes by BARRY MANILOW
  14. Carolina Mountain Dewe by ALABAMA

Search For money

  1. Love by BENZINO
  2. Another Way To Die by ALICIA KEYS
  3. Bossman by BEENIE MAN
  4. Pop Bottles by BIRDMAN
  5. Piece Of Joy by AYO
  6. Nobodys Business by BILLY IDOL
  7. Trip Around The World by ALEXZ JOHNSON
  8. The Places You Find Love by BARBRA STREISAND
  9. I Wanna Love You by AKON
  10. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk (Video Mix) by ADKINS, TRACE
  11. Filthy Rich by BIG & RICH
  12. The Enemy by BIG L
  13. A Pain In The Gas by BILLY RAY CYRUS
  14. I'm The Man (Censored Radio Version) by ANTHRAX
  15. I Use What I Got by ALDEAN, JASON
  16. Young Love by BILLY GILMAN
  17. Fantasy Girl by BABY BASH
  18. You by ATMOSPHERE
  19. Made by BIG SEAN
  20. Baby You Can Do It by BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA
  21. Back Up by BIG TYMERS
  22. My Situation by ALPHA REV
  23. Holy Dances by BEACH HOUSE
  24. Snowballed by AC/DC
  25. Oh Aaron by AARON CARTER

Search For Green

  1. Collard Greens & Cornbread by BARRINO, FANTASIA
  2. Burned Is The House by ALKALINE TRIO
  3. My First Christmas by B2K
  4. Radio King Dom by BEACH BOYS
  5. It Must Look Pretty Appealing by BAD RELIGION
  6. Suburban Muse by ABANDONED POOLS
  7. The Streets Of America by BAD RELIGION
  8. Baby I'm Back by AKON
  9. I Got Rhythm by BARBRA STREISAND
  10. Old Cape Cod by BETTE MIDLER
  11. Green Light by BEYONCE KNOWLES
  12. Keep Me Satisfied by BILLY SQUIER
  13. Watching You by ATKINS, RODNEY
  14. Dance Yourself To Death by ALICE COOPER
  15. By The Sword by AUTUMN, EMILIE
  16. Addicted by BANKS, LLOYD
  17. Greenfields by ALLAN, GARY
  18. Vanishing by ADAMS, BRYAN
  19. Never Grow by BIZZY BONE
  20. Grindacologist by BEENIE MAN
  21. Heart Of The Rose by AIR SUPPLY
  22. Out Is Through by ALANIS MORISSETTE
  23. Dustbowl Children by ALISON KRAUSS
  24. Bottomless by BETTE MIDLER
  25. Let It Be Christmas by ALAN JACKSON

Search For slime

  1. Back Up Plan by BIG BOI
  2. Beercan by BECK
  3. Hard Times by BIZZY BONE
  4. Thunder Peel by BECK
  5. Poison Prince by AMY MACDONALD
  6. Pay No Mind (Snoozer) by BECK
  7. Diskobox by BECK
  8. You Were Right by BADLY DRAWN BOY

Search For earth

  1. Christmas Hymn by AMY GRANT
  2. Jehovah by AMY GRANT
  3. The Night Before Christmas by AMY GRANT
  4. Indonesia by AUGUST BURNS RED
  5. A Mighty Fortress by AMY GRANT
  6. Sprawl by BEN LEE
  8. Your Long Journey by ALISON KRAUSS
  9. Galaxy Song by BLACK, CLINT
  11. The First Noel by ARCHULETA, DAVID
  12. Two by ANTLERS, THE
  13. Unbreakable (I.J.M.A.) by AIDEN
  14. Angel by ANGEL
  15. Politics Of Kissing by AMY GRANT
  17. I Need Thee by ALABAMA
  18. Love Like Rockets by ANGELS & AIRWAVES
  19. Angels From The Realms Of Glory by ANNIE LENNOX
  20. Lay My Burden Down by ALISON KRAUSS
  21. The Universe Is Going To Catch You by ANTLERS, THE
  23. Because Of You by ALPHAVILLE
  24. Shadrach by BEASTIE BOYS
  25. Knees Of My Bees by ALANIS MORISSETTE