Search For Most Hated

  1. Just The Way I'm Not by ALL TIME LOW
  2. Nobody Liver by BENZINO

Search For Not a Hater

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Search For Hateful

  1. Super Lyrical by BIG PUNISHER
  2. Hot In The City by BILLY IDOL
  3. Wicked Little Town by BEN JELEN
  4. Bodies In Flight by BIFFY CLYRO
  5. Ravenous by ATREYU
  6. Finding My Way by ALICE PEACOCK
  7. Deliver Me by BETHANY DILLON
  8. Eradicate The Doubt by BIFFY CLYRO
  9. One Time by BIZZY BONE
  10. Fuck You (Very Much) by ALLEN, LILY
  11. How Much Is Enough? by BAD RELIGION
  12. A Letter To Someone Like You by ATREYU

Search For Resentment

  1. Ache With Me by AGAINST ME!
  2. Leave Mine To Me by BAD RELIGION
  3. Trashed And Scattered by AVENGED SEVENFOLD
  4. Lift Her Pull Her by ATMOSPHERE
  6. Resentment by BEYONCE KNOWLES

Search For No More Hate

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Search For Loathing

  1. Belinda by BEN FOLDS
  2. Born in the U.K. by BADLY DRAWN BOY
  3. Shattered by ADEMA
  4. Second Intermission by ANI DIFRANCO
  5. Knuckle Down by ANI DIFRANCO
  6. Wish I May by ANI DIFRANCO
  7. Nightmare by AVENGED SEVENFOLD
  8. So Wrong by ATREYU
  9. How Low by AGAINST ME!
  10. Me by ATMOSPHERE
  11. Father Figure by ARMY OF ANYONE
  12. Kellum by BAYSIDE
  13. High Plains Drifter by BEASTIE BOYS