Search For Potato Chips

  1. Body Glove by AIR SUPPLY
  2. Girls by AFROMAN
  3. Three Cool Cats by BEATLES, THE

Search For Chocolate

  1. Professor Booty by BEASTIE BOYS
  2. Party At The Liquor Store by ABK
  3. Cereal Wars by AFI
  4. Choking On A Wishbone by ATMOSPHERE
  5. Another Sunny Day by BELLE & SEBASTIAN
  6. Cake by B-52'S, THE
  7. Four Years Old by ADAM SANDLER
  8. Nevehoe by ABK
  9. Send Me Move Me Love Me by BEVERLEY KNIGHT
  10. Datura by AMOS, TORI

Search For Crackers

  1. Hold Me Down by BIZZY BONE
  2. Stranger Than Fiction by BAD RELIGION
  3. Heads Up by BABY AKA THE #1 STUNNA
  4. Mama's House by BANNER, DAVID
  5. My Turn by BIG PUNISHER
  6. Chimaera by BAD RELIGION
  7. I Can't Go On This Way by BEANIE SIGEL

Search For Donuts

  1. Kick My Ass by BIG & RICH
  2. Pimp On by BIG TYMERS
  3. We Ain't Stoppin' by BIG TYMERS
  4. Crackin Like Pastachios by ANDRE NICKATINA
  5. Ain't Nobody by ATMOSPHERE
  6. Nevehoe by ABK
  7. I Run This by BIRDMAN
  8. Saves The Day by ATMOSPHERE
  9. Pimpin' by BIG TYMERS
  10. Jingle Bells by B2K

Search For Candy Bar

  1. Three Cool Cats by BEATLES, THE
  2. Moyda by ADAM SANDLER
  3. Factory by BAND OF HORSES
  4. A Mind To by BLACK, CLINT

Search For Trail Mix

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