Search For Lettuce

  1. Bolivian Ragamuffin by AEROSMITH
  3. Shazam! by BEASTIE BOYS
  4. Shutterbug by BIG BOI
  5. Satan Gave Me A Taco by BECK
  6. Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: Vegetable Town by BARENAKED LADIES

Search For Carrot

  1. Food Innuendo Guy by ADAM SANDLER
  2. Born Alone, Die Alone by BANKS, LLOYD
  3. That's What Tha Pimpin's There For by BABY BASH
  4. Stretch & Bobbito '95 Pt. II by BIG L
  5. Do It For Your Mama by ADAM SANDLER
  7. Lunchlady Land by ADAM SANDLER
  8. Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: Vegetable Town by BARENAKED LADIES
  9. Weed Song by BIZZY BONE
  10. Put That Shit Up by BIG TYMERS
  11. The Mule Session by ADAM SANDLER
  12. Vegetables by BEACH BOYS
  13. Gotta Get by BIG BROVAZ
  14. Asshole by BECK
  15. Lost And Found by ATMOSPHERE
  16. Food Party by BARENAKED LADIES
  17. The Million You Never Made by ANI DIFRANCO

Search For Potato

  1. About All That by BIRDMAN
  2. Another Spin by BARENAKED LADIES
  3. Meat And Potato Man by ALAN JACKSON
  4. The Thanksgiving Song by ADAM SANDLER
  5. Private Idaho by B-52'S, THE
  6. Rice And Bread by AGAINST ME!
  7. Body Glove by AIR SUPPLY
  8. No Wonder by BARBRA STREISAND
  9. Ch-Check It Out by BEASTIE BOYS
  10. Medley by BARBRA STREISAND
  11. Song Of The South by ALABAMA
  12. Murdah by BIZZY BONE
  13. Mac & Brad by BEANIE SIGEL
  14. Do It by BEASTIE BOYS
  15. Do The Strand by ALPHAVILLE
  16. Rollin' (The Ballad Of Big & Rich) by BIG & RICH
  17. Burnt Orange Peel by BECK
  18. Cordurory Blues by ADAM SANDLER
  19. So What Cha' Sayin by BIZZY BONE
  20. Lag Time by ANI DIFRANCO
  21. Rock Lobster by B-52'S, THE
  22. B-Boys Makin' With the Freak Freak by BEASTIE BOYS
  23. Fist Full Of Dollars "Green Eyes" by ANDRE NICKATINA
  24. Missisippi by AFROMAN
  25. Modern Day Catastrophists by BAD RELIGION

Search For Onion

  1. Ebonics Remix by BIG L
  2. Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: Vegetable Town by BARENAKED LADIES
  3. Revolution 9 by BEATLES, THE
  4. Lunchlady Land by ADAM SANDLER
  5. Shake Your Rump by BEASTIE BOYS
  6. Glass Onion by BEATLES, THE
  7. Bull Session With 'Big Daddy' by BEACH BOYS
  8. Finger Licken' Good by BEASTIE BOYS
  9. Ebonics by BIG L
  10. Adrift by BARENAKED LADIES
  11. Cadillac Girl by ANDRE NICKATINA
  12. Free Or Dead by ATMOSPHERE
  13. Moonlight Lounge by ALABAMA
  14. BB Da Thug by BIZZY BONE
  15. Smells Like Funk by BLACK EYED PEAS
  16. Popeye's Certified by ANDRE NICKATINA
  17. Inner Voice by ADAM SANDLER

Search For Spinach

  1. Awake Like An Owl by ANDRE NICKATINA
  2. All Star Chuck Taylors by ANDRE NICKATINA
  3. Soundcheck Intro by AUDIO PUSH
  4. No Love by BIG TYMERS
  5. B-Boy Bouillabaisse by BEASTIE BOYS
  6. The Dream Shatterer by BIG PUNISHER
  7. The Grasshopper Unit (Keep Movin') by BEASTIE BOYS
  8. Never Grow by BIZZY BONE
  9. Cannon by ASHER ROTH
  10. Professor Booty by BEASTIE BOYS
  11. Glorified by ANDRE NICKATINA
  12. I'm A Dog / I'm Sorry by BIG TYMERS
  13. All In Togehter by BIZZY BONE
  14. The Dream Shatterer (Original) by BIG PUNISHER
  15. Better Run, Better Hide by BIZZY BONE
  16. I Must Fess Up by BIZZY BONE

Search For Tomatoes

  1. Moyda by ADAM SANDLER
  2. Lost And Found by ATMOSPHERE
  3. No Wonder by BARBRA STREISAND
  5. Just My Paranoia by AFROMAN
  6. The Old Man #1 (Interlude) by BIRDMAN
  7. All You Wanna Do Is Dance by BILLY JOEL
  8. Ball And Chain by ANTHONY HAMILTON
  9. Song For A Future Generation by B-52'S, THE
  10. Domestic Dog by ATMOSPHERE