Search For Yellow Sun

  1. 12 J's Of Christmas by AFROMAN
  2. The Shady Grove by BLACK CROWES, THE
  3. The Devil In Stitches by BAD RELIGION
  4. Big Yellow Sun (Remix) by ALPHAVILLE
  5. Weather by AMEL LARRIEUX

Search For Yellow

  1. Rock The Party by BENZINO
  2. Over Here Hustlin' by BIRDMAN
  3. Houston Don't Dream About Me by BLACK CROWES, THE
  4. The Enemy by ANTHRAX
  5. Peaceable Kingdome by BILLY GILMAN
  6. Manipulation by BLACK ANGELS, THE
  7. Get It On by BENZINO
  8. All Together Now by BEATLES, THE
  9. Longer by BABYFACE
  10. Revolution 9 by BEATLES, THE
  11. Iceman by BANKS, LLOYD
  12. Company Of Strangers by BAD COMPANY
  13. I'm Just A Man by ALDEAN, JASON
  14. Beethoven (Live) by ALPHAVILLE
  15. Albion by BABYSHAMBLES
  16. I Am The Walrus by BEATLES, THE
  17. You Never Give Me Your Money by BEATLES, THE
  18. Some Other Guy by BEATLES, THE
  19. This Is How We Do by BIG TYMERS
  20. Gangsta's Touch by BENZINO
  21. 7th St. Entry by ATMOSPHERE
  22. Old Yellow Bricks by ARCTIC MONKEYS
  23. Make Way by BIRDMAN
  25. One Night Stand by BANKS, LLOYD

Search For Amarillo

  1. Fly Over States by ALDEAN, JASON
  2. Amarillo Sky by ALDEAN, JASON
  3. Jalapeno by BIG & RICH
  4. Amarillo by ALAN JACKSON

Search For Old Gold

  2. School Day (Ring! Ring! Goes The Bell) by BEACH BOYS

Search For Yolk

  1. You Were Meant For Me by BELLEFIRE

Search For Yellow Light

  1. Brokenhearted Day by ASLYN
  2. Afraid Not Scared by ADAMS, RYAN