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    Raven In My Eyes 1997 ©

    3 A.M.

    (Three in the fuckin mornin... yeah)

    Brave like an indian the Mohican of his last,
    No money weed or ass baby no backstage pass,
    We rondezvous, I'm flippin on my kenneth cole shoes,
    And some bitches talk too much I'm letten them bitches spread the news,
    Like channel 4,
    Why gangsta niggas love to snort blow?
    Chewy is the god down here in the 'Moe pina colada,
    The set done got hotter than a sauna,
    We break 'em like a puzzle then we gather like pirhanna,
    I keep my money by my nuts,
    Dip through the cuts we don't front we at the front and we roll big blunts,
    Layin pagans down,
    Just like a bearskin rug,
    Goin deep into the depths just like a Russian navy sub,
    On course, rollin with the front lights off... I can smell the gunpowder,
    Bullets dipped in the sauce,
    Some jokers floss,
    Yeah, but is the impression they've adapted,
    My steel declare'll spark the flare,
    The or the plastic,
    Burning rubber
    Doin doughnuts that the pigs just couldn't eat,
    They brought the coffee and the cream but all they saw was tire streaks,
    I'm on the streets.
    I can feel my mother worry in her sleep,
    It's 3 a.m.
    I'm with Sun Kim and we smokin to the beat,
    It's Nickatina...
    Meow Meow Meow Meow
    Meow Meow Meow Meow...
    I be a suitor, a freeway drivin bay bridge commutor
    My roll of decks in full effects has turned into a computer,
    We got weed, but cheese out all the snitches
    We want the money and the women,
    You can keep them scandelous bitches... for ya self.
    I make ya put ya mic up on tha shelf, broke ass hoes they want new cothes
    Be axin niggas for help, but I can't hear em' but I can hear a needle,
    Drop on top a pillow.
    When a clucker fiend here go a sceme, a piece of yellow skittle, a tin shot
    Follow me as I parade around the block, blowin wind like a tornado,
    Dirchargin' like a glock, steel plated, I usually get an X when I'm rated.
    Them sucka MC's Them wannabees, they talk when only faded, like the blunt. that once was plump then burned to ashes.
    I garuntee my third degree is just like twenty lashes, on ya face.
    I'll one hundred percent represent my race. while them bastards blast that rock n' roll, my niggas crank the bass for tha chamillion.
    The F finger answer all ya questions, my pitbull alliance no doubt
    My only cure is protection stutter steppin,
    My killer cross ain't false it's been perfected.
    Baby ya got nice clothes, but I've come to see ya nekked,
    Like it's ya birthday, like a fiend would say,
    When they broke and they on the rock,
    Your conbination has been invaded, your safe has been unlocked
    It's Nickatina

    Baby just pull ya panties down, all that other shit is um... irrelivant
    Meow Meow Meow Meow

    Let me hear that
    Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow Meow
    Three Oh clock in the morning...

    1997 ©

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