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    The Craft 2005 ©

    Ego Sonic War Drums

    Our house is in the middle of the street
    I'm a talkin' head, talkin' head
    Spittin' speech, Hungry like A Wolf, Where's the Beef?

    Beef eater gin, in-toxicant, men-tal
    Alternate, end-ings, opposite trend Zen
    Copperfield, pen bend, topple and kill end men
    Send them, in wind, tremblin', off of them skills (skills, skills, skills...)

    My copper top is poppin' tops (tops), the heat keeps blowin'
    +Energizer+ bunny, ain't it funny, how I stay so +ever ready+
    But I never see the money (money, money, money...)

    Money never makin' me
    I make it, come inside and take a seat
    It's vacant, Ego Sonic, inner space
    The sacred sequel on again
    Erase and cease the hatred season
    of the drums of war of sages past
    and speakin' through the ancients
    speakin' through the, speakin' through the ancients, speakin'
    (speakin', speakin', speakin'...)

    As a kid, I was Harry Potter-like
    Not locked in a room but on the streets, they poked fun and took my bike
    Until I chose to write, spec-tacular, vernacular, spells, for the fight
    (fight, fight, fight...)

    In the, middle of the class, I was writin' my secret agenda
    Getting' a bl-ast from ignitin' my deepest surrender
    A bit of chastisement I may have gotten from teachers when the
    classes were done, masses were stunned, I pass it on
    (I pass it on, I pass it on, I pass it on...)

    I be flingin' stones at yo' dome and yo' +Jet-son+
    and +Elroy's+ El Dorado drivin' while the sun sets some
    Back seat, fulla cotton candy, beer, and bubble gum
    (bubble gum, bubble gum. bubble gum...)

    Summertime in the city
    Pity rappers fallin' to the Ego Sonic War Drums

    Ego Sonic War Drums, we so hard - RUN
    Beatin' on yo' door come, try and get SOME
    You'll get trampled, tryin' to sample, end up gettin' NONE
    Ego Sonic War Drums, we so hard - RUN

    Heeey ya, raise the bar to another level of rhymin' again
    Maaa-jor daaays of, verbal assault tactics that get
    waaaay out, Blazin' the bow again to set new trend of flaa-va, D?j-? vu
    We blowin' 'em up wit' the way we slaaay-a, saaay ya praaa-yas
    Set in the head of the rappers we SLAAY-a
    Come on in-SIDE and try the flow
    Creepin' up on yo' mind just like a SPID-A
    KIND-A slow, SHINE and FLOOOW
    Sparkle and rock until I can't SHINE NO MO', OHHH!
    Low and beHOOOLD, FOOOE
    Animal instinct comin' out of the SOOOUL
    Chief Coyote, Blackfoot, Savage NavaHOOOOS
    Scalpin' yo' top and rock out the spot, off the top knockin'
    and then I frolic about the DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGH

    Just because we out there, doesn't mean we don't care
    Respect our clout, yeah, Gift of Gab dope, yeah
    P-E-A-C-E, yeah, E-S-W-D, playa
    Arrows flyin' everywhere, Ego Sonic warfare

    Peace pipe, puffin', arrow stick you in yo' stuffin'
    OH-WO-WO-WO-WO-WO-OW, think I'm bluffin'
    Jumpin' off my horse and runnin' up on you ain't nothin
    I don't have no rifle, I just throw my hatchet in yo' face
    Catch it, get an eye FULL
    Hear them drums? Battle sounds! See that land? Battle grounds!
    See the men? Battle rounds! Hear me now, man down!
    Bows UP, clear the section, roll out a winner
    In my Ego Sonic head dress in
    and for you dum-dum opponents, hope you learned yo' lesson
    (learned yo' lesson, learned yo' lesson, learned yo lesson'...)

    Chief Apache drummer, tipi dweller, eagle feather bearer
    Chalice lighter, inner fire starter, worship Mother Nature

    Mohawkin' egos clawin' beak seems to bear it all
    Seminole, Blackfoot, Mohican, and Choctaw

    Choppin' ya, scalpin' ya, offin' ya, moppin' ya, falcons are
    flockin' around you, wreck shop while I'm poppin' at Pocahontas

    Death it won't fall upon us, as long as I'm Geronimo-an
    Keepin' the heater flowin', you know they ain't into throwin' 'em

    Burnin' the tip of the Arrow, the temperature's blarin'
    The endin' is near when we hit you wit' THIS, then you're perishin'
    (perishin', perishin', perishin'...)

    Cherish everyday light, light
    Couldn't picture livin' life in the dark right, right, right?

    Ear to the ground, I hear 'em comin'
    Do you really think they comin'?

    Ego sonic, hear that thumpin'
    Do you really think they drummin'?

    Do you really think they comin'?

    I can see 'em!


    If they catch us, they gon' kill us
    Wouldn't want to be us, RUN! (RUN, RUN, RUN...)

    2005 ©

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